Who is Strixx

Hey there, world! It's your boy Strixx, straight outta the Windy City, repping Chicago till the end. I'm all about that music life, drawing inspiration from the likes of Saba, Noname, Billy Talent, Brakence, and a whole bunch more.

I'm on a journey, just like you, trying to figure out life's twists and turns. Music's my medium, bringing me closer to those elusive answers that keep me up at night. Amidst the chaos, creating tunes gives me peace—it's like building entire worlds, inviting you to step in and find solace.

Genres? Nah, I don't play that game. I mix alternative hip-hop, indie rock, bedroom pop, and R&B like a sonic smoothie.

But let's get one thing straight: I'm not here for fame. I'm here to spark a revolution and build a community for those who want to change the world through music.

So, if you're down for real talk, raw beats, and vibes that hit different, you're in the right place. Expressing the inexpressible? That's what I'm all about. Much love for your time and your ears. Let's make some magic together! 🎶❤️

have you heard of time bomb??

Time Bomb story overview 

In a nutshell

"Time Bomb" is a gripping journey through the tumultuous life of Strixx, a neurodivergent black man grappling with loss, self-destruction, and the enigmatic forces that shape his reality. As he confronts his past and navigates the labyrinth of his mind, Strixx is accompanied by a mysterious girl and his loyal friend, Jarmel. But lurking in the shadows is Le Noir, a sinister presence with a chilling agenda. With themes of duality and the relentless passage of time, this album is a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit.

Same day new crisis Music Video

Judge me for yourself!


We pride ourselves on making everyone from kids to seniors feel comfortable to let their eternal spark burn! I'm happily at your service dear ember!


  • Mp3 license 50$

  • Wave license 100$

  • Stems 300$

  • Custom price negotiable

Song Writing

  • 16 bar verse 50$

  • 32 bar verse 100$

  • Chorus 200$

Mixing and Mastering

  • $25 per mix and master


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